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Private Personal Training in Atlantic Beach

One-on-one personal training consists of private sessions, whether in-home or outdoors, that focus on the specific goals of each individual client. This is the most effective form of fitness training because of the precisely designed program to meet your unique health, fitness and performance goals.

My training focuses on:

  • compound functional training exercises to tone and strengthen the body
  • nutrition consulting with a focus on a balanced, whole foods diet
  • flexibility training to pre-hab the body from injury and keep your body limber

I will help you safely advance to more challenging exercises as your overall fitness level increases.

* I’m great with injuries, this was my core focus of study in college and believe that proper movement and technique will help you heal fastest.

What You Can Expect From Fitness By Patty

Initial Complimentary Consultation

Before we dive into a program, I need to learn about your health history, eating habits and any past or current injuries or medical conditions. We will start to professionally establish a trusting relationship and discuss your short and long term goals.

Fitness Test & Evaluation

Your very first session will include a full fitness evaluation, including: current diet and eating habits, body composition and an overall fitness test. Body composition will be determined by weight, height, body mass index (BMI), girth measurements and body fat percentage. My baseline fitness test covers exercises focused on: strength, endurance, balance and coordination. All of these findings will be recorded confidentially and re-evaluated throughout the duration of your program.

Personal Training Sessions & On-going Education

During each session, you will learn how to naturally position your body in each exercise, so it can move more freely and effectively. With a customized workout routine designed specifically for your needs, the best results are seen when you mentally, emotionally, and physically dedicate yourself to reaching your goals.

Exercise needs to begin with proper technique. Not only does it matter to have correct form in all positions and motions, I will make sure you are protected from potential injuries that commonly arise with poor execution and faulty body mechanics.

Each time we meet, the workout will be different and most importantly, FUN 🙂

Get Started!

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