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Proper Exercise & Nutrition Can Transform Your Body and Your Lifestyle.

Fitness is far more than just looking good. A healthy, fit body feels amazing; bursting with energy, stamina and strength. Fitness By Patty offers a wide range of services for every fitness level – whether you are new to exercising or an advanced individual needing a change in routine. Whatever the case, I’ll take a whole-body approach that’s enjoyable; effective; and very, very custom to you.

My Personal Training Services

Fitness By Patty offers single session & package pricing plans for the following personal training services:

My Training & Fitness Philosophy

Motivation is key. I’m with you every step of the way, during AND after your workout. I believe that great workouts are fun. I believe in functional training, which means,…. and am completely focused on helping you attain goals in a safe and effect manner. Effective workouts don’t have to be punishing, in fact I believe workouts should be fun…leaving you feeling energized, strong and accomplished in the fact that you pushed through a new goal. I’ll design a program that works specifically to your body’s needs at each phase of life, and fitness level. We will use functional movements that are safe for your joints and feel good to your muscles. After each workout, we will stretch out from head to toe, leaving you with a lasting euphoric glow. Together, we’ll create your strong, energized and confident self.

My Training Services Focus On:

Improving Health & Boosting Energy

Personal training will give you the individualized attention you need to hone in on your specific health and fitness goals, weather just getting started or needing a fresh approach to push through plateaus or feeling lost in the endless world of dieting. I can and will educate and shape all of these areas with my expertise.

Losing Weight & Toning Up

This is one of the main goals I hear. The key is accountability and motivation. First, I educate you on proper whole food nutrition. Second, each time we meet, I create a fresh, customized workout designed to challenge and strengthen any weakened areas. Finally, I’ll be both your personal cheerleader and motivator to keep you track.

Building Strength & Endurance

I believe in functional training, so your one-on-one training will focus on movements and activities that underscore the way you live your life. Whether I’m helping you take your tennis game to the next level or simpler making it easier and less stressful on your back to lift boxes, I’ll help reach new performance heights.

Decreasing Pain & Stress

My Range of Motion Stretch Therapy is a compilation of therapeutic stretches designed to target deep into the muscle tissue and help increase joint mobility, by lengthening all major and minor muscle groups and promoting better blood flow to the areas of focus. For those with preexisting or lingering injuries, I focus on your need areas for relieving pain or muscle tightness. Best of all, the ROM Therapy just feels great!

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